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Privacy Policy

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It is important to note that the tickets booked through our website are subject to receipt of payment. The company reserves the right to cancel any ticket paid prior to the departure of your flight. All details about the booking will be sent to you only after we realize the payment. We also reserve the right to cancel any ticket and we will only be responsible for refunding the amount given by you at the time of booking. In this case, we will not charge you any service charges. The company also has the right to make any changes to the booked flight, however, you will have the option to accept the changed itinerary or you can cancel the ticket and the entire amount will be refunded to you. In any of the above cases, we will not be liable to pay any amount other than the fees charged by the customer at the time of booking. Further, the company will not be responsible for any of the circumstances below:

  • • Any death, personal illness, or accidents
  • • Any reason for any difference in flight departure time that is beyond our direct control
  • • Other damage to the passenger due to any other reason which is not under the direct control of our company.


We have mentioned so many details regarding the fight on our website, and we reserve the right to make any changes to the content without giving any prior notice to any user. We would like to inform you that the content of the website depends on many factors including the airlines policy. Prices and other details about flights are subject to change at any time without prior notice. It is the user's responsibility to make themselves aware of the changes before using the website. We recommend all our users go through the terms and conditions before using the website. However, if you have made any change in the quotation after booking, you will not have to pay anything extra. As per our policy, we do not charge the customer after booking by paying the full amount mentioned on the last payment page. Therefore, if a change is made in the prices after booking, the booking remains unaffected by that change in that price.


We have provided a lot of information on our website regarding airlines. Although users have full right to use the information provided for the purpose of reference, they do not, in any case, allow the content to be used for any other purpose. All information on the website such as quotes about flight, flight availability and other details are owned by us, our affiliates or suppliers of services. No one has the right to use any available material for any commercial purpose other than personal use. Apart from the above-mentioned activities, you also do not agree:

  • • Use this website as an affiliate link to another website without our permission.
  • • Incorrect reservation by any unauthorized person.
  • • An attempt is being made to sell the contents of this website to a third party organization.
  • • Attempt to copy, modify, display, distribute, transfer, or transfer any of the contents of this website for the wrong license.
  • • Using any manual or automated system to access any restricted content on this website.
If anyone is found guilty of committing any of the above prohibited activities, strict legal action will be taken against that person. The company will decide to take action and in case of a legal issue, the decision of the court will be final.


If we suspect any fraudulent activity, the company reserves the right to terminate or suspend any user account. We will occasionally send you a notification regarding the suspension or termination of the account. Most of the time, the company will also state the reason for suspension or termination, however, in some cases, the company reserves the right to provide no explanation for the suspension due to security reasons.


We have put many third party links on our website. Please note that the sole purpose of these links is for reference and we do not advertise their products, nor promote them. Before making any purchase the user is advised to read the terms and conditions of the third part website. Their terms and conditions may differ from ours and we cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the user as a result of the use of products or services from third party websites.


Although our specialists are working 24-hours to provide the best services to the customer without any problems, however, in some cases, problems or disputes arise. In any such scenario, customers are requested to contact our specialists through customer care support via call, email or chat. We try our best to solve the problem within the minimum time. However, if customers are not satisfied with the solution provided by our Customer Service Department, they have the right to seek assistance from the Legal Department of the States. We do not go directly to court because there is a mediation department which has the responsibility of resolving the dispute. The arbitration department has laws and regulations that are legal and the arbitration department's decision for the dispute will be final.


All information on our website is under documented copyright of our company. However, if you believe that the whole or any part of the website has been copied from your website and is infringing on your copyright property, you will need to contact us with the documents set forth below. If full documentation is not presented to us, we will not be able to proceed with your request. Necessary documents to bring with request are:

  • • A description of the material that you believe is infringing your copyright property.
  • • Full details to explain how and where we are using the content on our website.
  • • Your name, address, phone number and email address.
  • • Physical signature of the person who is the authorized holder of the claimed property.


Airlines have their own policy regarding minors and we are not responsible for this. It is recommended to contact the airline to get details about their policy regarding unaccounted minors. We have mentioned some possible scenarios that might occur:

  • • Some airlines do not allow minors to travel at all.
  • • Most airlines charge a fixed amount to allow them to travel unaccounted for in a domestic flight.
  • • In most cases, the airline does not allow an underage minor to board an international flight; However, there are some exceptions that require you to contact the airline.


Please keep in mind that all tickets booked through our website are non-transferable and non-refundable according to company policies. We only accept cancellation requests over the phone and not via email or chat. After receiving the request, we will send you a confirmation email regarding the request approval. However, this mail does not guarantee that you will get a refund; This is the only acknowledgement mail that we have received a request to cancel. Following are the key points to consider regarding cancellation and refund:

  • • Cancellations made 24 hours after booking will not be eligible for any refund.
  • • Cancellations made within 24 hours of booking will be considered for refunds only.
  • • If the amount is refunded due to any reason, the amount will be sent to the account from where the payment was made.
  • • Check will be issued in case of non-payment through online banking.
  • • The refund process takes about 10-15 days to complete.
  • • Banks will take a few extra days to reflect your statement.
  • • Sometimes it can take 60-90 days to show the amount on your bank statement • The amount to be refunded is decided by the airline.
  • • We will not refund service charges except in case of full refund by the airline.
  • • We only accept cancellation requests over the phone.
  • • In case of any dispute, the airline's decision will be final.
  • • Sometimes, the airline can refund the ticket even after the cancellation after 24 hours, but we do not guarantee anything about that matter as the airline has its own cancellation and return policy which is free for us.